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Pay on the door at the Club 305 a.d, doors open 8:55 pm.
Drinks till 10:45 pm.
Cash Only on Entrance
Plus Free Entry at Vanilla Club

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Crozzies come to Split with 25 years of partying and clubbin' experience as well as holding some of the craziest events and running the best venues around the world. 

Our guides from all over the globe will show you the way to party hard and discover Split's nightlife in its fullest.

Crozzies is owned and run by Croatian-Australians, you can't go wrong! Expect to get hammered! Anything else will not be tolerated!

We are the Party People.


Unlimited drinks

Choose between beer, rum, whiskey, gin, vodka and mixers and let our bartenders keep refilling your cup!

8:55 - 10:45 PM

That's right! Drink as much as you want in 305 a.d.! Make sure to come on time!

Free Pizza

Just to keep you well fed, grab a slice of our delicious warm pizza! Or two. Or ten. Who are we to judge?!

But remember, pizza will be there til 10pm :)

Party all night long

After we make sure you're not thirsty or hungry we will continue our party well into the night in Vanilla, one of the best clubs in Split!

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