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Probably one of the most famous bars in Split and our favourite by far! Charlie’s bar was set up by two Australian backpackers in 2005 and has become the first and only backpacker bar in Split. From the moment you walk in you will be welcomed to your home away from home. With hundreds of travellers from different nationalities congregating over a shot, pivo (beer) or Adios Muther Fucka (Charlie’s famous drink) you will not want to leave. If dancing on the bar to classics, like ‘cotton eye joe’ whilst making life long friends. Charlie’s bar is for you.

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Tropic Club is a must, well known amongst all tourists and locals living in Split. Dj's playing all the greatest hits. Reggaeton, R'n'B to club classics and pumping anthems. Table service, bottles flying left right and centre. Tropic over looks Bacvice beach. Look out for Balkans Go Wild on the weekend. Get in early or you will be waiting in line for ages

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